Choosing A Business Direction…

With 1000's of business opportunities and affiliate promotions now available to people on-line - it all becomes a sea of noise and shiny new objects appear every day.

The result is that most people jump to the next business on a regular business and a majority lose their money EVERY time!

Many times they are the victims of "here today - gone tomorrow" scenarios of repeat offender, 'business' generator operators who flash silly, unobtainable promises of money to the gullible.

My 2 main business programs have been in place over 1 year and 5 years respectively and are 'young' with loads more expansion potential.

what do I choose for my business opportunity?

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It was only after I watched the owner of this system speaking on his vision and how the numbers worked out that I finally signed up for free to take a look - and I must say I'm hooked - and I am getting sign ups and referrals in my other businesses from the packages I buy, plus I get my money back to reinvest in more traffic.
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Recommended Online/Offline Opportunity


For many years I have been moving a percentage of my 'printed paper money' income into gold and silver bullion and coins which I keep well away from banks!! This company can help you do the same AND share with you a VERY solid, professional business opportunity...

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Long Term Pre IPO Shares Club (online)


Extraordinary Finance Opportunities For The Small Scale Business Investor. The management picks pre-IPO potential investments every month and leverages our member base to gain access to the deals. They liase with each company and the upside is in the form of internal shares in each business proportionately allocated to all members. Not for everyone, not for USA or China, this is my passive risk business with a long term view on returns. Read More Here...

angel business club


China and USA excluded

Other Things I Am In Or Promoting In The Background

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Mine For Gold – or Sell The Tools?

There is a saying in the startup world that “you can mine for gold or you can sell pickaxes.”

This is of course an allusion to the California Gold Rush where some of the most successful business people such as Levi Strauss and Samuel Brannan didn't mine for gold themselves but instead sold supplies to miners – food, wheelbarrows, tents, jeans, shovels, pickaxes etc.

Mining for gold was the more glamorous path but actually turned out, in aggregate, to be a WORSE return on capital and labor than selling supplies.

When a major new technology trend emerges – say, the rise of online video or social media – entrepreneurs can try to capitalize on the trend by creating a consumer product (mining for gold), or by creating tools to enable consumer products (selling pickaxes).

So instead of being the gold miner trying to find a gold nugget in many barren claims- I've decided to concentrate (mainly) on selling some of the necessary tools and just get already mined gold..

As food and water was necessary for gold miners - advertising and traffic is the lifeblood of internet business so I spend some time and money in that arena.

Earnings Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent the products on this site and forwarded sites. Of course, each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation and as with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.