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With 1000's of business opportunities and affiliate promotions now available to people on-line - it all becomes a sea of noise and shiny new objects appearing every day.

The result is that people leapfrog from one program to another and a MAJORITY are losing their money EVERY TIME!

Aside from the blatant scams, many times they are the victims of "here today - gone tomorrow" scenarios of repeat offender, 'business' generator operators.

Along with the usual revshare clone scripts, matrices, high priced education and altcoin trading scam stuff, there are others that are not cheap to participate in when you find you have effectively lost your shirt when the program disappears!

A good, legitimate business will be around for a long time and takes focus, effort and 'stickability' to grow.

Continual 'trend' program jumping leaves people still struggling to make a penny with the first program shown - and end up getting stuck with multiple monthly outgoings - which they eventually cancel after losing faith and money.

Multiple Income Streams

That's how I have been able to go from long term struggling wannabe marketer to now a 5 figure earner and enjoying a time freedom lifestyle.

I had to move away from MLM product based companies where recruiting was the ONLY way to make money.

Now I mostly build businesses that don't rely on referrals to make money (but it helps) and can be leveraged for passive income on a daily basis.

The emerging markets of FinTech and Crypto Currency have been a life changer for many people.

NOTE: ALL business opportunities require the input of an amount money to make them work!

I have ONE 'CORE' pro-active + passive business around precious metals and cryptocurrency.

I have ONE  pro-active business around cryptocurrency training and cryptocurrency microtrading.

I have SEVERAL 'PASSIVE' programs that I put money into and let time elapse so the money returns a profit

This gives me DIVERSIFICATION and  RISK SPREAD and MULTIPLE SOURCES of potential income.

Any new business started has used profits made in the core business plus a little more seed money.

If you are NOT going to recruit and sponsor then you WILL need reasonable start capital in any passive program.

A percentage of my profits is put into an evergreen asset like Swiss bullion gold (at the best price thanks to SGG).

Always start with ONE business and build it to see a return on profits before starting another.
Don't dilute your available seed money until you are making more seed money.
Never use money that is needed in your daily life, work with money you can afford to risk!


***Income disclaimer***:
Results are not typical! Your work ethic, consistency, strategy and starting capital all have an impact on the potential you might achieve.

More Information:

Visit iCoinPro

One of the ProTeamBuilder

Bitcoin and AltCoin Education Training and Cryptocurrency Micro Trading for Profit.

The goal at iCoinPRO is simple. We want to educate you on WHAT Crypto Currencies are, HOW they work, and how YOU can take advantage of them.

* New, 1 year, but very transparent Company. iCoinPro.
* Team of experts teaching you step by step how implement simple strategies to learn and succeed.
* Powerful compensation program 
* Joining puts you in a powerline rolled up every wednesday.
* LIVE and recorded VIDEO training teaching you exactly what the experts do to get results.
* Training on making small profits from micro trading on cryptocurrency exchanges.
* Excellent Sponsor and Team support.  
For instance our own team promotion site is https://meganetworkbuilder.com/

* Expected Return : approx. 5% per Week depending on skill with trading success. Plus sponsorship and team commisions.

More Information:



One of  the ProTeamBuilder

Bitcoin and AltCoin Mining. Gold and Silver Asset Building. Wealth Training and Education.

* 10 year old, very transparent Company. Swiss Gold Global.
* FTC valid in all 50 states in USA plus International
* It costs NOTHING to open a FREE Customer account and start.
* Mine Bitcoin and Altcoin 24/7/365 from only $30 'lifetime' contracts.
* Increase mining power returns by manual compounding.
* Start buying and accumulating gold /silver from just $25.
* Optional - very good sharing affiliate program available.
* Training, Wealth & Personal Education programs inside.
* Excellent Sponsor and Team support.

* Expected Return : approx. 5% per Week of Working Capital 

Multiply Your Existing Bitcoin

* 8 year old transparent Company. USI-Tech.
* FTC valid in USA plus International.
* It costs NOTHING to open a FREE account and start.
* Easy to set up and automate compounding rebuy.
* Bitcoin Package Program ($50) for 140% over 140 working days (approx).
* Withdraw Bitcoin to personal Bitcoin wallet.
* Withdraw Bitcoin in Euro to Currency wallet like PAYZA.
* Optional - share this program with people.
* Optional - automated trading software in the FOREX market.

Expected Return : approx. 5% per Week of Working Capital 

Passive Income From FinTech & Asset Management

* 8 year old company revamped into 2 new sites in 2016. Questra and AGAM.
* Global International Operation (including USA) .
* New, separate company for Europe (excluding Great Britain) 2017
* It costs NOTHING to open a FREE account and start.
Easy to set up  - quick manual compounding
Packages Start at ($90 or €90 upto $5M or €5M) for 365 days.
* Withdraw in Bitcoin to personal Bitcoin wallet.
* Withdraw in Euro or Dollar.
* Optional - share this program with people.

Expected Return : approx. 4 -6% per Week of Working Capital 

The Association - Private Funding YiggiY

* Has been developing over several years.
* Global International Operation including USA .
* Intellectual concepts, patents and trademarks.
* Developed to make a profit and a difference in the world.
* Positions are Passive.
* Small reward is given for introducing new members
* Packages are $90 for each Lifetime earning account position.
* Monthly membership of $15 will only be taken out of profits available or not all.

Projected Return Per Annum per package:
 - with 10,000 participants a lifetime position in the Association is worth $388.93
 - with 1 Million participants a lifetime position in the Association is $38,893.00
 - with 40 Million participants alifetime position would be worth about $1,555,720.00

** No guarantee of income or time has been expressed or implied.
40 million participants is considered small in this particular $Trillion industry, but it may take 2 to 4 years to build up to this number and beyond.

More Information:

LikesXL Info

LikesXL International Advertising Revenue

SEMI PASSIVE   While the core activity is watching a few adverts every day (5) it does return a static amount and can be built by compounding. A lot more to come with this program.

* 3 year old European company reorganised 2017
* Global International Operation including USA .
* Open a FREE account to start.
Easy to set up  - manual / automatic compounding by packet repurchase
Packages  €10 Bidpack - to make €11 .
* Bitcoin & Credit Card.
* Watch 5 ads @20seconds every 24 hours to earn profit (9 cents per pack per day).
Optional - share this program with people.

Expected Return : approx. 6.3% per Week of Working Package Capital 

Other programs I am in purely as personal speculation.

More Information:

Bitcoin and Ethereum Mining

Cryptocurrency Mining

This is a bolt on mining business to my SGG business purely to augment my Bitcoin mining if Genesis have run out of hardware and contract availability.

Package sizes  

$25, upto

More Information:
Malcolm Keith 

X12Coin Free Account and Information

X12Coin and XPro

Entrepreneurial Cryptocurrency Coin

Early entry in to this coin has seen astounding interest on the exchanges. Based on X12 protocol. Faster and more anonymous than Bitcoin. 

Personal Laptop wallet with Private Key of 25 words to be kept safe offline for re-instatement of wallet.

Chosen initially for members of LikesXL to get involved with their own mining farm and now on exchange.  18 Million total to be mined. Sponsorship program to help promote.

For the serious entrepreneur - mining packs are to mine and accumulate X12coins which will have a value dictated by market demand. Presently valued at 10 Euro / 12 USD  (Oct 2017)

Package sizes 
€100  limited mining duration of 14 weeks, upto
€100,000  limited mining duration of 25 weeks

More Information:


Coin Mining By Minting

I have a position in this just to see if it works. A lot of well known names in the industry are involved.

Package sizes  

$100 upwards

Risk Disclosure: All investment alternatives or business opportunities shown in these videos/website have risks. If you know about this risks and still want to invest money, please only invest money you don’t have to live from or which you can lose without getting into financial trouble. Because every investment into shown alternatives or businesses could be lost with the full amount.

Additionally: All information about income rates / percentages or income forecasts are based on information of the past. That means that described income values have been reached in the past but cannot be guaranteed for same income values in future. Mentioned income values are only average values to get an overview about what can be earned by investing or working into these businesses.

Disclaimer: All information about presented companies or compensation plans etc. are taken from the official websites of respective companies. Additional information is taken from existing presentations and business partners who have got information from the corporate responsible or collaborators of the companies. Because of that it is not guaranteed that this information is true even if we try to give you the best service and all information about the businesses.

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