Choosing A Business Direction – What I Personally Do..

With 1000's of business opportunities and affiliate promotions now available to people on-line - it all becomes a sea of noise and shiny new objects appearing every day.

The result is that people leapfrog from one program to another and a MAJORITY are losing their money EVERY TIME!

Aside from the blatant scams, many times they are the victims of "here today - gone tomorrow" scenarios of repeat offender, 'business' generator operators.

They push silly, unobtainable promises of money to the gullible, or are 'gurus' who milk each latest 'big thing' repeatedly from the pockets of their email list..

Already in this new year I have watched several well known names promoting new and different different companies!

Along with the usual revshare clones, high priced education and altcoin trading scam stuff, others are not cheap to participate in when you find you have effectively lost your shirt.

A good, legitimate business will be around for a long time and takes focus, effort and 'stickability' to grow.

Continual 'trend' program jumping leaves people still struggling to make a penny with the first program shown - and end up getting stuck with multiple monthly outgoings - which they eventually cancel after losing faith and money.


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Contact: Malcolm Keith - Contact Page

I am in ONE core pro-active business.

I am also in several 'passive' programs, some of which would probably do even better if I promoted them.

This gives me diversification into multiple sources of potential income

Each source is in a different type of business

Personal Wealth Knowledge, Gold and Silver Asset Building and Bitcoin Mining

It's taken many years for me to find a serious, professional platform that does everything I need and provides an essential service to everyone else.

Those who understand that their paper currency is not serving them well as can be seen by inflation, rising prices and savings returning less profit than inflation tales away.

All countries have billions of debt - and still printing more paper money that lessens your purchasing power.

It has always been the attraction of precious metals to STORE wealth and protect purchasing power..

That is why governments, big companies, banks and rich individuals fill their vaults with physical gold and silver bullion

Now you have the chance to create and preserve your wealth

* 8 year old Company
* It costs NOTHING to open a FREE account
* Exchange paper money for gold and silver when you want
* Maybe set up a monthly gold /silver savings plan from just $25
* Perhaps mine some Bitcoin - starts at $30 once, lifetime plan
* Optional and very good sharing program available
* Wealth & Personal Education programs inside

It doesn't matter what else you do to earn money - a job, network marketing, pensioner or whatever.

The financial world based on a government paper credit system is no longer a safe place to keep all your money.

Do what the countries, governments and wealthy people do

Put some of your hard earned money outside the system in an asset that will preserve the buying power of your money for the future.

First and foremost, if you DON'T want to recruit or share or sponsor - you can simply get gold and silver at the VERY best prices and / or set up some lifetime Bitcoin Mining

If you want to dig deeper, there are 10 mins of info videos on my Welcome To The Real Wealth Revolution Business page to give a brief introduction as to why we have this program.

A full overview by the CEO can be found at Swiss Gold Global Business Overview 2017

The solidity of the organisation and architecture is here at 13 Minute Overview

Here is a Back Office Walk Through video

Take a look at another short, 12 minute reason for getting involved HERE

All these videos and more can be found at my YOUTUBE Playlist 'Get Paid To Save Gold and Silver and Bitcoin'

Passive Income (Limited Membership)

This might possibly end up being the most lucrative activity I have been invited to join !!!

It is NOT an ‘opportunity’ like a rev-share, mlm or any of the hundreds of things out there in internet world.

The Association is a group that funds and supports projects designed to make a profit and a difference in the world.

After several years market analysis and trial 'The Association' is now beta release testing it’s new programs for any glitches

A brilliant software team has been creating the back office and preparing for the anticipated MILLIONS of participants in the programs

The Association has just a FEW LEFT of 4000 priceless share positions available..

I say priceless – but outside estimates say each ‘The Association’ $90 lifetime share position could be worth $500,000.00 or more ANNUAL income after a couple or more years growth!

..and it is passive income for the share position holder.

Read and watch the video on this page: The Association...

In a short space of time this will be CLOSEDand I will remove it from here.

The cap of 4000 shares is absolute and when they are gone - it's closed for good

$90 is for a lifetime share

Please take a look at information:

The Association...

Could be the best investment of $90 you will ever make..

First projects are already up and running in beta mode. Watch out for this name over the next couple of years..


Passive Income (Sharing Helps)

This one will make you money 100% passive if that is all you want, but also has an optional, VERY lucrative referral and bonus program if you want to go in that direction.

There is NO action required of you except invest some money you can risk

It needs some seed money put in to work and you should compound your portfolio money when money is accrued to generate serious money over time.

They say money attracts money and this asset management business works across several millions of euros and dollars money-making markets such as IPO's and buying and repackaging business and property.

A team of 25 project managers gain enough profit to pay private investors a return of 4 to 6% profit a WEEK (minus management fees). Technically, this should be regarded as a HYIP company and you should only risk money that won't be missed.

Start with as little as a one off 90 euros /101 dollars (or put in up to 500,000 euros) - everyone can benefit from this.

Watch the videos at Questra Information

An overview information video is at: Questra Income Overview...

This company has been in play for many years and is able to generate huge profits across 25 fund controlling managers

We are talking 300 Million Euros turnover BIG!

I recommend watching the videos on this page to get a feel for it

Questra Information

Once set up, all I do is listen out for the text every Friday to tell me how much I have made - and compound up as soon as money is available

(A slightly drier, standalone video overview is at: Questra Overview... )

unicorn ads business

Passive Program (Sharing Helps)

This is my fun program with great potential


BRAND NEW INNOVATIVE 'Subscription' Based Personal Forced (Follow Your Sponsor + Follow Me) Matrix Engineered to Create Massive Spillover

IT'S NOT a Revenue Share, NOT a cycler and NOT an ORDINARY Matrix …

It’s a Sub-based Matrix ‘Powered by’ our “SMART REPURCHASE RULE” & Unique, NEVER SEEN BEFORE, “Cash Links SYSTEM”

Each One Time 'Subscription' will have 10 positions (@$2) placed in your Matrix, ONE per week.

$25 once only will get you 10, week by week, $2 position entries.

Each position will be placed at the next available spot in your Matrix.

SPILLOVER created into YOU and YOUR team due to repurchase rule subscriptions

Note: this not a 'Subscription' as in the normal understanding of the term

All provided landing pages have a capture and auto-responder sequence INCLUDED

More Information..

Main Site..

It's pretty self explanatory on the 'How It Works' page on the Main Site!

Email For More Information..

Main Site..

..and there is a video here that tracks the way just $2 can grow into $11,000!

72 dollar business

Long Shot, Simple $72 Once Only, Passive Program

This has the POTENTIAL to make a lot of money..

I joined this program a couple of years back because it was only $18 and had a lot of promise

However, it's a long, almost impossible haul trying to recruit a downline by yourself.

Along came a SOLUTION!

A company will build out your team for you

Ignoring the optimistic timescales, lol, this is a set and forget program where you check every 12 weeks to see how it is going..

It's a unique, low cost, self funding pay plan

1. Low entry point, only $72

2. It is a one-time payment, no further out of pocket expenses.

3. The company build your earnings matrix out

4. It self funds into higher commissions, by using your commissions automatically to buy the next product level.

Read more about it on my page, HERE


Promoting these businesses has led me to look at various advertising platforms and tools - and in some cases there is a chance to get a good monetary return from participation and affiliation in these.

I don't want to spend hours on creating free advertising - so these are quick to set up and action and start from only a few dollars to whatever you want to put in.

re-brandable traffic

ReBrandable Traffic

The platform is a state of the art Internet website traffic distribution system which pulls traffic in from over 31 thousand websites around the world and then redirects hundreds of thousands of web visitors to the customers websites everyday.

Simple to set up and go - I use this for cheap traffic slams at an email capture page.

Note: when you set up your campaign it selects all traffic sources by default which can eat up your credits so untick those you do not want.
I tend to use Partner Traffic programs mostly

Traffic Types:
Banner Ads
Contextual Links
Pop Unders
Expired Domains
Partner Traffic Programs
Video Advertisement
Mobile Advertisement
Exit Page Traffic

We sell traffic to our customers for as low as $.002 / visitor.

RT receives traffic from a multitude of websites. As the website traffic comes in, it is rebranded and matched up with a customer based on traffic types and keywords defined in their settings. The rebranded traffic is then sent to the customers website as set in the settings of that job.

RT places additional tracking on the sent traffic so that the visitors movements can be tracked within our control panel.

RT matches the traffic coming in and sends directly to customer. However, we can not control how much traffic comes in on a single day. So, the speed and qty of visitors sent to your site will vary. Keep in mind, RT will do the best we can to get visitors to your site as quickly as possible.

No. You create a free account. Once you create your account, you will have access to your affiliate link, and affiliate tracking/report center. You do not have to purchase anything to participate in the program.

Open A FREE Account!

More Information

You are paying for advertising.
Affiliate returns only if you promote.

Leased Ad Space

This is fairly new, but has become one of my favorite programs for advertising. You get text, banner and solo ads and all traffic purchasers get a permanent public profile page that they can post their own content to at any time + your videos, and coming soon - a blog.

For one flat rate, your ads are delivered to high quality visitors on thousands of pages all across the internet.

Big bonus is it is member to member payment so you need your bitcoin, payza and solidtrustpay accounts ready to receive money.

It is a strong and robust platform that takes a few minutes to set up. There is pop up help everywhere you need it and videos to guide you through package purchase. I've done it several times now on all processors and it works very well.

Again, I would use this to pique interest on an email capture page - don't go for a sale right off

Starts at a $7 package all the way up to Red Diamond Package $147 which will give you:
Banner Ads 110,000 Impressions Every Month!
Text Ads 60,000 Impressions Every Month
Solo Emails 1 every 48 hours
Permanent Text Classifieds - Unlimited Permanent text ad in the classified ads directory

Open A FREE Account!

More Information

You are paying for advertising.
Affiliate returns only if you promote.

General Traffic

Low Cost Traffic - Rebrandable Traffic
Global Ad Profits - GlobalAdProfits
Solo Ads - UDIMI
Quality Traffic - Clicks With A Kick





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