Updated May 2015

Not everyone has the money to join the bigger programs and this has led to a proliferation of 1000's of low cost business programs that promise the earth, but usually collapse or disappear and take your money. Even reasonable ones I had on here - I have had to DELETE - the promises never happened or the payment facility changed.

Too many people join (because it is low cost) and within a short while drop out because it requires a lot of work and promotion and rush to the next shiny object.

You are going to have to put in the same effort whatever you join, so do look at the 'Gold Money' company I am in which is free to join can be worked to your schedule.. HERE.

All I do is 'exchange' some of my paper money for currency grade gold - when ever I want to - no rigid requirements.

A 'product' everyone loves - market prices - and enough margin to generate a nice business income through recommendation and product movement.