1st movers advantage

1st Movers Advantage NOW Before Launch in September

1st Movers Advantage before Launch What makes this so unique right now is having 1st Movers Advantage via LikesXL because they have exclusivity until September 15th, then it opens to the public as an open source altcoin… so access to mining packages before the global population is monumentally advanced leverage! […]

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bitcoin mining contracts

Bitcoin Mining Contracts | Swiss Gold Global Returns

I’m getting ready to purchase more Bitcoin mining contracts Right now, as we come up to the end of July, a few days remain to the so called “dreaded” Aug 1st BTC/BCC split. I will be using fresh money to buy more Bitcoin mining contracts through SGG. TREZOR hardware wallet […]

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bitcoin robber - crypto currencyl attack

Are Bitcoin Robbers The New Breed Of Bank Robbers?

Bitcoin Robbers Are About – Secure Your Cryptocurrency As with bank robbers, bitcoin robbers are planning the opportunity to break in and steal Bitcoin from accounts. When ever a lot of money is held in one place, there are always people who want to help themselves. It could be in […]

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fork in the road for Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash

Which Fork In The Bitcoin Road Will You Travel In August?

The Bitcoin Fork Is Back Again! About the possible Bitcoin fork from one of my cryptocurrency groups! Bitcoin Cash: What You Need to Know Written by Jimmy Song (Bitcoin Developer and Entrepreneur). Bitcoin Cash’s sudden announcement on Saturday that they’ll go ahead with a fork on August 1 caught a […]

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