bitcoin haters

Bitcoin Haters Coming In From Several Fronts

BTC BASHERS, HATERS & TRAITORS Here are a few Objections and Rebuttals when dealing with opinionated minds. I notice an outburst from some who we could term ‘bitcoin haters’. This includes so-called “leaders” of Gold MLM’s whose entire teams are distracted by a passive, residual income offered by genuine Bitcoin […]

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Gold Savings Professional

Move To A Gold Backed Currency On The Cards For Russia?

Russia Leaving Global Banking System: Dumping US Dollar for Gold Russia is one of the more powerful nations in the world. With the power, however, comes enemies. One of its enemies has a slight financial hold over Russia, and that power comes in the form of Dollars. The relationship between […]

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Questra World Holdings business opportunity and investment

Passive Income With Questra Holdings Investment Business

Passive Income Stream While gold, silver and bitcoin mining is my No. 1 Venture and savings direction, I’m not adverse to a bit more passive income. I wanted to highlight another one of my business opportunities which sits in my personal wealth creation formula and show you a short informative […]

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