1st Movers Advantage NOW Before Launch in September

1st Movers Advantage before Launch

What makes this so unique right now is having 1st Movers Advantage via LikesXL because they have exclusivity until September 15th, then it opens to the public as an open source altcoin… so access to mining packages before the global population is monumentally advanced leverage!

You need to be registered and qualified by the 12th August 2017 to be able to buy mining packages at advantage prices.

I already mentioned previously that outside my main business Swiss Gold Global I dabble in other coins that offer value within business.

I think this one will be fun – and passive if you want it to be.

Financial Backing Already Secured with Major Companies
World-wide Crypto Mining Opportunity
3 Server Farms and Expansion Plans When Needed
Company – Headquarters In United Arab Emirates
Amazing Compensation Plan Plus Rank / Matching Bonuses
Pre-Launch from 12th August until 15th Sepember 2017
Mining Packages: From €100 up to €100,000
Branded E-Wallet With Multiple withdrawal Methods
Ability to exchange coins for cash / goods & services using debit card
Platform Built with Longevity & Security in mind
Qualification Is A Minimum of 20 Bids Packs in LikesXL
Imagine if you were one of the first to start mining the coin!!!

Qualification For Pre-Launch Access Is:

* Have AT LEAST 20 Bidspacks via LikesXL ($200)

LikesXL Will Roll Out The Coin, So Members Not Only Have 1st Access To Mining Packages, But ALSO Earn With The LikesXL Business Daily For DOUBLE Profit!

That’s It To Qualify!1st Movers Advantage

This brilliant exclusive Cryptocurrency business will not only give Bitcoin a run for it’s money, but will only be available exclusively to the 1st movers advantage qualified people during the pre-launch phase that ends on August 12th… and then it’s opened fully to the public.

This coin (whose name will be revealed after August 12th) has been researched extensively for over 6-months to be comparable to Bitcoin, and is limited to a quantity of 18-million compared to 21-million of Bitcoin.

Because there is a finite number of coins to be mined, the value can only increase, so the real potential to be equivalent to Bitcoin’s purchasing power is very sound.

As time passes and coins are mined, the volume of coins mined becomes reduced. So being at the very beginning of mining is where you can accumulate the most coins fast… and this is where 1st Movers Advantage becomes a very smart position for those in the ‘know.’

You have the rare opportunity to purchase mining packages first, where the coins are mined for you… without costly mining equipment! Estimated cost to mine the coin will be 1 cent. Packages prices are still being determined, but there will be affordable mining packages for everyone, from €100 up to €100,000 euro.

IMAGINE IF YOU HAD THE OPPORTUNITY TO BE THE 1ST TO MINE BITCOIN! Well you now have the exclusive opportunity to do that before the public knows about it and jumps in front of you.

Being able to access the mining packages and coins allows you to earn from the increase in value that your mining packages will accumulate, AND a way for you to grow your money, and earn passively without sponsoring a single person to earn!

Earning online has never been easier.

Especially NOW when the playing field is leveled, because EVERYONE has a chance to get these mining packages the moment they are launched to the public.

It’s simple. The 1st people in, get the fastest mining capacity.

If you are in 1st before a coin launches to the world, that’s massive earning potential!

Once this launches, it will grow very rapidly and only qualified individuals will have access to get their hands on mining packages the moment they launch, before the public!

The coin starts at 1 cent and will rise in value very quickly… What if you got this coin for 1 cent and within 5 to 6 months it’s at 15 euro? AND what if it continues to grow to where Bitcoin is today?

The return on your money would be astronomical if you are wise enough to act on purchasing mining packages while they are at 1 cent with 1st movers advantage… can you just comprehend the massive value? OR, imagine if you had gotten Bitcoin when it was 1 cent (now at $2665)!

Large investors are waiting right now for the mining packages to open, so this is a chance for you to level the playing field for yourself, and get as many mining packs as possible with your 1st movers advantage.

* Qualify By Getting AT LEAST 20 Bidspacks via LikesXL ($200)

1st Movers Advantage

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