Association Membership Potential Substantial Personal Passive Income

the association membershipThe Association membership is something I took out some time back and we are now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!

After several years market analysis, roadblocks and trials we are rolling!

A lot of very hard work has been going on by the IT team and more yet to come in constant development and projects.

There are 6 projects being funded right now and all 6 are being being launched this year or early next year.

We have already started and well into later phases of Yiggiy Blackjack and have working arenas in the others.

Have a look at a page I put together at

These projects have huge potential.

Only ONE needs to work to make every member of the Association a Millionaire.

The projections for these projects can be found on our Projections Page.

They will show that The Association has the potential to make all of it’s members a substantial income.

If you have $90 not working for you, preferably in Bitcoin, then consider buying yourself a position in The Association membership.

This isn’t a ‘fast fix’ income.

The Association membership program is being built on solid bedrock brick by brick to last a lifetime and once the money comes – it won’t stop.

Check Out: 

This is a PASSIVE Business Membership – a crowd funding, private club.

NOT an MLM or an ‘Opportunity’ or ‘Gifting’ or ‘Training’ or similar internet activity.

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