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bitcoin mining contracts - crypto currency mining - sgginfo - swiss gold globalI’m getting ready to purchase more Bitcoin mining contracts

Right now, as we come up to the end of July, a few days remain to the so called “dreaded” Aug 1st BTC/BCC split.

I will be using fresh money to buy more Bitcoin mining contracts through SGG.

TREZOR hardware wallet takes everything in it’s stride and will cope with both coin chains.

Others are not wanting to bother so are shutting up shop for a few days and will not support the new blockchain or its associated coin.

I have had emails from CoinBase, CoinJar, and others expressing this direction.

Why do I like Bitcoin mining contracts?

It’s the open ended mining returns.

Right now as I write this post the BTC price is – U$ 2763.28.

As always the price is variable and volatile from day to day so average price should be considered.

Returns are also subject to difficulty rates being applied, etc.

That is surprising as August 1st and the fork issues looms.

Here below is a table that you may find useful:

We normally expect rewards to be a little higher than this if you are with SGG/GM.

They could be lower real-time rewards with companies charging more than 0.00028GH/S/D (most of the genuine others charge more).

SGG runs a day behind price, so at around $2,500 here are some purchase snapshots:

 0.2 TH/s   $ 30   0.00005 BTC/ day

 0.6 TH/s   $ 90   0.00014 BTC/ day
 1.0 TH/s   $ 150  0.00023 BTC/ day
 5.0 TH/s   $ 750  0.00115 BTC/ day
 10.0 TH/s   $ 1500   0.00231 BTC/ day

At 15TH/s you qualify for the discount rate.
 15.0 TH/s   $ 1,950   0.00346 BTC/ day
For 15.0 TH/s that’s about $9  to $10 a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
(open ended and subject to price and difficulty rate)

Consider this a guide only on annual return:

If BTC = U$ 1500, then 57% p.a.
If BTC = U$ 1600, then 61% p.a.
If BTC = U$ 1700, then 64% p.a.
If BTC = U$ 1800, then 68% p.a.
If BTC = U$ 1900, then 71% p.a.
If BTC = U$ 2000, then 76% p.a.
If BTC = U$ 2100, then 80% p.a.
If BTC = U$ 2200, then 84% p.a.
If BTC = U$ 2300, then 88% p.a.
If BTC = U$ 2400, then 91% p.a.
If BTC = U$ 2500, then 95% p.a.
If BTC = U$ 2600, then 98% p.a.
If BTC = U$ 2700, then 102% p.a.
If BTC = U$ 2800, then 107% p.a.
If BTC = U$ 2900, then 111% p.a.
If BTC = U$ 3000, then 114% p.a.

Utilizing Bitcoin mining contracts has got to be better than getting 1 to 4% p.a from your bank!

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