Bitcoin Mining Frenzy – Keeping Up with Demand Due To Popularity

bitcoin mining frenzy - bitcoin miner

The company I am in is predominantly a customer majority driven business.

People join for the LBMA gold, silver, altcoin and Bitcoin mining contracts we sell at an excellent price.

Most are not interested in the independent business owner affiliate side.

So why am I talking about a Bitcoin mining frenzy?

Bitcoin prices are generally only going up.

Mining Bitcoin is being exposed to more people as a good way to get their hands on the digital currency.

This raises demand on the mining facilities and contract availability.

It’s not the only horse in the race, but it is the originator and over the years has worked it’s way into a recognized payment infrastructure worldwide.

Bitcoin hit $3245 tonight 😍💪 just as I bought another 3.2TH/s Bitcoin mining from 😁

My sponsor Prem Johal popped this post up on Facebook and it was a succinct explanation of where we are at.

Mining bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Hello Lovely People!

Its a good day to let numbers talk!

1000 GigaHash/second of power costs U$ 150
$1000 therefore buys 6,600GH/s of power.
Just yesterday Price was BTC= $ 2850
24 hours later Price is showing BTC= $ 3150

What’s it to you?

Your $ 1000 made 104% p.a. yesterday
Your $ 1000 makes 113% p.a. today
Your $ 1000 just became better by 9% p.a.

Seeing this, more people will join the mining activity and result in higher difficulty rate very soon.

Higher difficulty rate means harder to find Bitcoin, therefore greater intrinsic value.

Greater intrinsic value means people should be willing to pay a higher price for Bitcoin.

Higher price means new trading range opens up.
Higher price means more media attention.
Higher price means more profitable mining.

When Facebook is full of the noise of many other schemes and programs..

..take a few minutes out and let the numbers sink in.

100% passive
100% recruitment free (for the networking shy)
100% good news for us who do this business
100% stable use of your $ 1000
100% your $ 1000 is rotting away in a bank anyway
100% Bitcoin rewards convert to GOLD by choice 😍
100% regret if you hold on to your bias about cryptocurrency


Just as worldwide consumption increase in OIL feeds the profitability of an entire oil producing economy, so also worldwide acceptance increase feeds the net new cash flow into the digital value producing economy.

We are producers.
We are miners.
Bitcoin Miners.

So let the Bitcoin mining frenzy begin..

Mining bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

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