Bitcoin Thieves, Hackers And Working With Large Responsible Companies

bitcoin thievesGenesis Mining Got Hacked By Bitcoin Thieves – Full Refund To Affected Customers

This post on Bitcoin thieves follows on from my post about Bitcoin robbers..

Bitcoin thieves are always on the prowl.

Looking for weaknesses in a site, system or wallet.

I guess it’s no surprise because sometimes the best programmers can also make the best hackers.

I borrowed lot of this post from my upline and mentor in Swiss Gold Global, Prem Johal

The Different Attitude of Bitcoin Thieves Boils down To – Intention.

Some stereotypes invent, create, innovate, develop and explore for sake of collective improvement.

Other stereotypes simply copy, steal, plagiarize and use the same technology for their own end goals even if it damages the whole eco-system in the long run.

We can discuss the risks and threats all day long, but here is what you really need to know.

When Genesis gets hacked, they put out a press release to cover 100% of any lost Bitcoins taken by the Bitcoin thieves.

They made sure that 100% of customer due payments were date-adjusted and fully restored as if nothing ever happened.

This is why you need to know that working with a giant balance-sheet has its benefits.

That’s why Swiss Gold Global chose to align with Genesis-Mining as strategic partners.

But when some tin-pot, new start in south Asia or east Europe gets hacked by Bitcoin thieves – they are unlikely to respond professionally or put member’s priority on top of their agenda.

Do NOT expect recompense, reimbursement or reinstatement from small outfits..

They may have all the equipment, but none of the balance sheet, and certainly none of the class.

There is excellent, high quality business to be done with high calibre companies which are transparent and resolve problems openly.

In your daily life, if you avoid running into CHAV’s, ASBO’s, swindlers and skanks, why would you find time to argue about which is a better way to do business?

Every week there are new shiny objects calling for you to enter for “info” “info” “info” on their timeline.

Its just noise.
Same marketers – same tactics – same rubbish!

Weak people will fall for noise over and over.

Weak people are never going to build their own business, let alone learn from you to build a good one together with you.

You can not hand-hold people and try to help them when they take no action and make no effort themselves.

They would rather lose money to scammers out of laziness than build a genuine business with self respect and conviction.

I have been in the same company online since 2016.

There is nothing difficult about it and I make passive and active income.

You join – choose what level to start including free, and earn while you learn!

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You can’t go wrong.

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