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building Swiss Gold Global

People Ask Me Why I Am Building Swiss Gold Global

Simple answer: I’m building Swiss Gold Global because it’s 100% Legitimate and will still be making me money in 10 years from now.

..unlike 95% of all the other pop up businesses you see on social media.

What is brilliant is a that customer can get a Free account and NOT get involved in building Swiss Gold Global affiliate/business partner side.

Customers get the exact same rates of purchase as paid members – we don’t load the product to feed the affiliate side.

Just join – get KYC‘d – buy precious metals or mining contracts – sit back.

What about the affiliate fees if you want to refer?

Then they say..

“.. but you’ve got to pay $50 per month”

I reply BIG DEAL..

I get 25% back – paid to me in Silver Bullion held in my back office.

That means my monthly fee is really only $37.50 per month..

And I get access to a huge amount of wealth training and advice!

Plus a big back office to control everything including downline.

(I actually pay for the whole year up front now.)

Seriously, if people expect to become an Independent Business Owner yet can’t afford a mere $37.50 per month to invest into their own business..

Then they should stick to the day job..

Lets be honest here if you want to own your own business and you are quibbling about the fact it costs $37.50 per month then forget going into any online business.

You don’t have the right mindset and I doubt online business is for you.

I mean your success surely has to be worth more than $37.50 right!

Some people spend that much or more on takeouts each month or cigarettes per week or alcohol per month.

If you were really serious about making money you would be chomping at the bit to find the $37.50 and would be getting started immediately.

I know people that spend $50 per month on a crappy page builder system that pays less commissions and they never use it for what its intended..

So yes I am very happy to be building SwissGold Global and making a great income.

I’m happy to help other action takers who want to invest into precious metals each month and earning passively from the BitCoin Mining..

I’ve been around the block so I know something solid and stable when I see it and I know that plenty of sensible shrewd people see what I see and that’s why they are joining.

Its free to register.

step by step start to Swiss Gold Global

If you eventually decide to upgrade – you will benefit by building Swiss Gold Global..

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