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swiss clean gold globalOne of my main business drivers is to regularly transfer at least some of my money in to a wealth storage asset such as gold – preferably clean gold.

I found a company I really like after being in a few that didn’t meet my expectations.

They’ve built an entire business around owning precious metals for the smaller income person.

The Reason I Save Clean Gold is The Problem With Paper Money

A little bit of background..

Paper money, which today for most of us has become ‘electronic’ money, is a problem for one simple reason.

A government can create as much of it as they desire just by printing it!

The more they create, the more the money market is flooded an the less it’s worth.

If you watch the news or the papers you will see something called “Quantitative Easing” being applied occasionally.

Putting extra printed money into a national economy is the easy solution to debt.

And as everyone knows, government debt today is out of control.

Printing money doesn’t really make the debt problem go away.

It leads to inflation.

Money loses its buying power.

Currencies weaken, and eventually FAIL.

There is another problem with paper money.

We have a complicated banking arrangement called ‘derivatives’.

These are “paper built on paper” massive financial inventions with little or no connection to the real world.

A derivative is a contract between two or more parties whose value is based on an agreed-upon underlying financial asset, index, or security.

Common underlying instruments include: bonds, commodities, currencies, interest rates, market indexes, and stocks.

They can collapse at any moment, when confidence in the system weakens.

So We Want To Accumulate Rather Than Speculate

Smart people — the financially educated minority — DON’T buy gold to bet on a temporary price rise.

They are looking for LONG-term value as the world of paper money goes from crisis to crisis.

I have read comments to this effect by very wealthy people.

They’re not speculating on gold, hoping for a quick profit.

They are accumulating gold, to give themselves lasting foundations of real wealth.

The richest families have understood these principles for generations.

Now, thanks to Swiss Gold Global, ordinary people can save in gold and silver

Real wealth is something you can touch and feel.

For over 5,000 years, gold and silver have been recognized as the ultimate form of real wealth.

No one can “print” precious metals.

There is a limited amount above the ground and still less discovered underground.

Precious metals are increasingly in demand.

China, India, Japan, Russia, Central Banks, and millions of ordinary people are all turning to gold to protect themselves.

One of the huge benefits of belonging to Swiss Gold Global is that you will eventually learn more about gold and silver than most financial professionals know.

Your learning will be step-by-step, and take many months as you absorb new information.

The result will be to empower you to make informed decisions for your future, your financial health, and for the people you care about most.

At the same time you can be saving and accumulating clean gold by the gram at your convenience at the best price.

Swiss Gold Global “Clean Gold” Commitment

Swiss Gold Global cares passionately about human rights and environmental stewardship.

They recognize that in the past, the gold and precious metals mining and processing industry has inflicted large-scale damage on the natural environment and has been responsible for multiple human rights abuses.

The choice of Argor-Heraeus as their precious metals provider is a key expression of this commitment.

Argor-Heraeus has adopted a proactive approach to the ethical, social and environmental challenges of the precious metals industry.

The company recognizes that passive compliance with government regulation is not enough.

Argor-Heraeus sets the highest standards for its own providers and partners, taking care to cultivate close relationships that enable it to monitor its entire supply chain.

Read The Sustainability Report From Our Refiner, Argor-Heraeus

Areas of focus include:

The environmental impact of mining practices
Working conditions for mine workers and others involved in the supply of precious metals
The choice of processes and materials for refining and packaging precious metals
Close collaboration with the relevant authorities to minimize the risk of money-laundering in precious metals transactions

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