Crypto Currency Coin Being Mined for Business Specific Purposes

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Occasionally, a company will take advantage of crypto-currency technology to create a token coin with purpose.

A recent crypto currency coin I purchased to hold was PureLifeCoin.

This is a tokenised crypto currency coin reward system.

It’s backed by global companies to be applied to as a reward based system for tenants, employees and customers by a national UK landlord and other household names.

In the next year or two it will evolve all its benefits to the general population, both directly and via large organisations who will use the coin as a rewards program.

One of these companies is planning to use PureLifeCoin as a reward system for the next 50 years, which is unique in the market.

Since I bought it the value went up 37% after launch!

Another Crypto Currency coin..

I have a new one on the horizon related to the advertising world.

I have been in LikesXL for ages and it is now building up the international platform.

This crypto currency coin is slightly different as it will be a mined coin with a ceiling of 18M coins – a bit less than Bitcoin and has it’s own mining facilities being built.

We have all watched MANY businesses come and go, and yet LikesXL has not only stood the test of time… but now, with the addition of Crypto currency and over $100 millions of financial backing, it will grow faster than most digital currencies over the coming years.

This is a chance of a lifetime opportunity to capitalize on being qualified to be able to purchase your packs before the business goes on general release on 18th September 2017.

Pre-Launch date of August 12th is integral to the company LikesXL to get in first before it is open to the public and the crypto currency coin price rises.

Qualification For Pre-Launch Access Is:

* Have AT LEAST 20 Bidspacks via LikesXL ($200)

LikesXL Will Roll Out The Coin, So Members Not Only Have 1st Access To Mining Packages, But ALSO Earn With The LikesXL Business Daily For DOUBLE Profit!

 That’s It To Qualify!

I’ll put more information up on this post


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