EXP-ASSET is an exciting company dealing with the generation of trading in financial markets, mining of cryptocurrencies and arbitrage. In addition, EXP-ASSET also invests in Start-UP projects.

This company is young, but is being very transparent in it's business legalities and licences.
The employees have many years of experience and media exposure of authority and knowledge.
Proof of Live Trading activities and Proof Of Mining Facilities are shown!
The best time to get involved is NOW to take advantage of the expansion over the next few years!
Predictable passive rate of return is on average up to 1% per working day + mining income if selected. HUGE value in the education and training. This video demonstrates most areas:

Inside Information and Overview In Just 34 Minutes!

How To Get Started Easily With Exp Asset

Fix Your Position For Free

Minimum Funding only $100
Funded by Bitcoin. Withdrawals By Bitcoin

Recommended Funding $1000 + M1000 Matrix For ALL-IN Qualifications

There are 3 key ways to earn money in EXP Asset, the first two steps are for everyone, they are easy to do and you don’t need to recruit anyone to start making money for yourself from Day 1.

However there are additional Bonuses for those who also do Step 3, and build a team by recruiting.


Invest any amount of money you choose into the binary plan for 120 business days and it will return 0.5 - 1.5% per day on you investment (so average 1%)

(HOT TIP) Earn even more by making a one time $1000 or more investment into the Binary plan. This will qualify you to earn additional Bonuses on recruits and team members when they also invest in the binary plan.


EXP has 3 mining pools available to buy into; these mining pools are the top 3 packages in the Matrix.

Pool 1 = $250

Pool 2 = $500

Pool 3 = $1000

When you purchase a spot in any of these 3 mining pools you earn mining income 7 days per week for 18months. Then you will need to rebuy into the mining pools to start the cycle again.

** In order to buy these levels in the Matrix you must already have purchased the $25, $75 & $125 levels (each of these levels are permanent & will never expire)

(HOT TIP) Buy purchasing these mining packages you will not only earn the mining income but you also secure your spot in the matrix and qualify to earn additional Bonuses on both spill over & direct recruits as soon as you have just 2 active recruits of your own.

Recruiting becomes easier once you have completed steps 1 and 2 above

Now you will have income coming in daily and plenty of great results to show and you are now able to teach your recruits how they can start making money right from day 1.


When it comes to recruits and building your team you have a top line and a bottom line.

In order to qualify for all the Bonuses you need

2 Direct Recruits

1 in your Top Line & 1 in your Bottom Line

They need to be Active (Green)

A direct recruit is someone you have brought into the team, not a spill over from your up line, you will not earn Bonuses on your spill over team members until you have your 2 direct recruits.

1 Top line & 1 Bottom line, in the Affiliation Tab in back office you will find your referral links for each, you need to place one in each and then place any others in the side with the least amount of team members

They need to be active, your recruits become active as soon as they have purchased a spot in the Matrix (at least the $25 spot) and made an investment into the Binary plan of any amount.

(You can see who is active in back office “Affiliation” tab as they will turn Green) So help them complete steps 1 and 2 above & they qualify.

(HOT TIP) Buy getting those 2 Direct Recruits you qualify to earn Bonuses on all the spill over recruits as well. So the sooner you get your 2 directs active the more $$$ you will make.

Fix Your Position For Free

Minimum Funding only $100
Funded by Bitcoin. Withdrawals By Bitcoin

Required risk warning: The EXPASSET services provided by the Company should not be seen as investment advice or recommendation by the Company or affiliated companies to perform buy, sell or hold a particular security, financial product or instrument that has a relation to the performance of such investment.

The Company is not registered as an investment advisor or brokerage firm - it provides education with an associated earning platform.

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