Risk Disclosure: All money alternatives or business opportunities shown in these videos/website have risks. If you know about these risks and still want to put in money, please only put in money you don’t have to live from or which you can lose without getting into financial trouble. Because every method in the shown alternatives or businesses could lose your money up to the full amount.

Additionally: All information about income rates / percentages or income forecasts are based on information of the past. That means that described income values have been reached in the past but cannot be guaranteed for same income values in future. Mentioned income values are only average values to get an overview about what can be earned by investing or working into these businesses.

Disclaimer: All information about presented companies or compensation plans etc. are taken from the official websites of respective companies. Additional information is taken from existing presentations and business partners who have got information from the corporate responsible or collaborators of the companies. Because of that it is not guaranteed that this information is true even if I try to give you the best service and all information about the businesses.

I only have ONE business I trust and promote fully and that is the FIRST ONE on the list.

The others here I have placed money into with a view of PERSONAL and casual speculative interest and risk money growth diversification. Most are passive growth vehicles.

They may appeal to people who do not like my first choice, but it is my first choice based on many observations on internet programs over 17 years.

No guarantee on survival of No.2 onwards  - which is why I place the disclaimer at the top!


1. Precious Metals, Cryptocurrency Mining, Wealth Training.

I've come across some great, like-minded people who are using this long term, legitimate business to build and gain time and financial freedom.

* 10 year old, very transparent Company. Swiss Gold Global.
* Partners with Billion dollar companies
* Compliant Affiliate Program in all 50 states in USA plus International
* It costs NOTHING to open a FREE Customer  Account and start.
* Mine Bitcoin and Altcoin 24/7/365  open-ended and fixed contracts.
* Daily mining returns to your cryptocurrency wallets.
* Increase mining power returns by manual compounding.
* Start buying and accumulating Swiss gold /silver from just $25.
* Flip some Bitcoin profits into gold and silver wealth preservation.
* Customers only welcome for all our products.


* Very good sharing affiliate program available.
* Training, Wealth & Personal Education programs inside.
* Excellent Sponsor and Team support.
* Swiss vault storage for your affordable precious metal collection.

This is my core program for my gold plus cryptocurrency mining.

More Information:

 My Swiss Gold Global INFO Page  

MAIN Swiss Gold Global Business SITE

(One of  the ProTeamBuilder Businesses)

2. Passive Income From Cryptocurrency and Forex Trading Plus Cryptocurrency Mining

You have the opportunity to learn all and everything about cryptocurrency real time trading and Forex trading while you are potentially doubling your Bitcoin input amount passively. This company has made a lot of changes and improvements since it launched mid 2017.

  • Private training club with capped amount of members
  • System works on your behalf passively, but some monthly interaction required
  • Up to a value of 1% Maximum Daily Return (Monday-Friday) of your input amount
  • Earn 3%-30% Binary Bonus IF you want to promote
  • Real Time Trading and Mining seen and checked out
  • Transparent Owners With A Successful Track Record
  • Valuable Digital Products On Cryptocurrency
  • Live Weekly Training (Learn how to trade)
  • Automatic Daily Commission Withdrawals at a fixed amount reached
  • Forex Trading and training
  • 24/7 Customer Support

 Note: You will need Bitcoin in a wallet ready when you sign up.

The entry point has been lowered to let more people enjoy the system.
Low 0.01 BTC, recommended 0.05 BTC, but you can put in amounts up to 16 BTC

and read all the information

3. Passive Income From Forex Trading Plus Cryptocurrency Mining

I'm quite keen on this one - the trading stopped when the traders went on holiday for the festive season = equals real and live trading. Mining carried on 24/7.

**FULL Transparency On Live Trading and Mining Sources

Not only do I get a passive return from the company trading - I also get passive returns from a mining package that tracks the best returns available on 5 top cryptocurrency coins.

$100 will get you in and starting to get back 120% over time

So you are getting 20% on your money in about 6 months at the moment

..better than in a bank account.

Plus you can compound back in every time you get $100 spare

I've gone flat out  as recommended by my sponsor and mentor and popped $1K in the binary return to trigger the 8% bonus level for all the good stuff. I also decided to max out the mining / matrix for $1950 , it starts at $25 for the matrix.

Only down side - returns are in dollars translated to Bitcoin

Watch the videos HERE to see..

So many good income streams on this.. get in early!

Expected Return : upto. 5% per Week of Working Binary Capital,  plus mining returns, plus bonuses if at the selected levels. 


4. Cryptocurrency Education, Training & Micro Trading for Profit.

Education on WHAT Crypto Currencies are, HOW they work, and how YOU can take advantage of them.

I wasn't interested initially in learning to use a simple cryptocurrency trading system and strategy..

Once I did the simple training - and stuck to it - I am now I'm making money trading..

* New, but very transparent Company. iCoinPro.
* Team of experts teaching you step by step how implement simple strategies to learn and succeed.
* Powerful compensation program 
* Joining puts you in a powerline rolled up every wednesday.
* LIVE and recorded VIDEO training teaching you exactly what the experts do to get results.
* Training on making small profits from micro trading on cryptocurrency exchanges.
* Excellent Sponsor and Team support.  
For instance our own team promotion site is https://meganetworkbuilder.com/

* Expected Return : at least 5%+ per Week of your trading capital IF you follow the rules for positive trading success. (Plus sponsorship and team commisions in a matrix).

More Information:

   Visit iCoinPro   

One of the ProTeamBuilder Businesses

February 15th 2018
If you are in to buying into good, new ICOs with a view to cashing in on the rise in value...

ICO to look at: https://vrlps.co/a?pt=24egHeF-mYgN9sCzFHAbpvZzKrw&referralCode=Hy_UxuT7M&refSource=copy 

Alternative Sources Of Mining Contracts

I took a few of these contracts while waiting for my main provider to bring more mining hardware online - I can not vouch for the stability of these providers but so far so good.

At first site these contracts seem more profitable than those through SGG, but you have to remember these only last a year in HashFlare - while those through SGG are open ended until Bitcoin is no longer profitable to mine and that could be many years. 

More Information:
 HashFlare cryptocurrency contracts


Again, this is a bolt on fixed contract mining business to my SGG business purely to augment my Bitcoin mining while Genesis build up their hardware and contract availability.

More Information:

Other things I joined that might appeal to some - I have let them sit...

How To Earn Bitcoins & CASH without having to SELL ANYTHING! 

Why Create Your 100% FREE Bitty Cash Wallet & Account?

* Basic Cryptocurrency Training!
Our basic training information will help you learn what bitcoin and cryptocurrency is, how it works and why you want to be part of the greatest transfer of wealth in our history!

* Step by Step Bitcoin Buying Guide!
We’ll guide you step by step on how to purchase bitcoin with any major credit card or bank account!

* Discover The 6 Most Affordable & Effective Methods of Making Money With Bitcoin TODAY!
We will reveal to you the 6 different PROVEN methods of owning bitcoin and help you MULTIPLY your bitcoin with each one for MASSIVE MONTHLY, WEEKLY & EVEN DAILY PROFITS!

* Earn Bitcoin Giving Away Bitty Cash Wallets!
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Check out BittyCash Here - FREE To Join!

Crypto Players Club Invite System

This is a Bitcoin cycling matrix with a difference.
You promote - they do all the follow up!

  • Utilizes our UNRIVALED, extremely UNIQUE & MASSIVELY PROFITABLE 3×2 “follow me” matrix system with automatic re-entries!
  • Includes GENEROUS fast start bonuses to reward you for EVERY sale you make as long as you are qualified to receive the commission on that package!
  • JUICY “Cycle” bonuses allow you to turn HUGE PROFITS leveraging the efforts of a SMALL team of “players” who are all working together to WIN BIG.
  • Pays INSTANTLY right to your bitcoin wallet! NO HAVING TO WAIT TO “CYCLE” TO GET PAID like most other “cyclers” out there!
  • Spillover IS POSSIBLE & PROBABLE and you can get paid on team members joining your team whom you did not even personally invite! (But don’t count on it for your success!)
  • Allows you to receive even MORE leads and marketing credits with every “cycle”

Here Is Your Crypto Players Club Invite

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