Opensource Altcoin Imminent Launch

xpro Opensource Altcoin Imminent LaunchWow, the last 4 weeks have been amazing and the sales of the new opensource Altcoin mining contracts have exceeded all expectations considering we are in pre-launch and the name of the coin has not yet been revealed.

I mentioned this at the beginning of August in my post 1st Movers Advantage

This brilliant exclusive Cryptocurrency business will not only give Bitcoin a run for it’s money, but will only be available exclusively to the 1st qualified people during the pre-launch phase that ends on September 15th… and then it’s opened fully to the public.

This coin (whose name will be revealed after September 15th) has been researched extensively for over 6-months to be comparable to Bitcoin, and is limited to a quantity of 18-million compared to 21-million of Bitcoin.

Because there is a finite number of coins to be mined, the value can only increase, so the real potential to be equivalent to Bitcoin’s purchasing power is very sound.

Check THIS PAGE out for details 


Check THIS PAGE out for details 

The anticipation of the coin and its value is very exciting indeed and the people who step outside of their comfort zone and buy during this time will be handsomely rewarded over the coming weeks / months / years.

Peter the CEO could have created a new opensource altcoin but after taking advice from experts decided to source a coin that was already developed.

The coin already has major financial backing and an aggressive 3 year business plan that will ensure its value increases in the short to medium term.

Once the ewallet is completed and the debit card is available it will make the usability of the opensource altcoin even easier which in turn will help to increase its value even more.

The mining packs start at €100 up to €100,000 and range from 14 weeks up to 25 weeks depending on the contract.

The fact that this coin is linked with a 2 year old company means it already has a ready made and loyal customer base even before the coin hits the exchanges.

The opensource altcoin will be revealed on Monday 18th September and we will have a dedicated webinar to explain everything you need to know about it that evening (details will be sent out nearer the time).

The only thing you need to do right now is get qualified in by buying €200 (20 bid packs) and then buy your mining contract before 10pm (UK) time on Friday 15th September. If you miss the deadline then you will not be eligible to be part of the pre-launch and will have to wait until it goes on general release on Monday,18th September. Check THIS PAGE out for details 

For leaders it has one of the best compensation plans in the industry (not binary, matrix etc) but is a license to print money with no restrictions on how much you can earn (unlike some other businesses which will not allow you to operate other businesses at the same time).

If your goal is to be a crypto millionaire using a unique business that is fully compliant then you need look no further.

For more information on how you can get started with this opensource altcoin during what is left of pre-launch from just €300 then click the link below so you can find out more and get started whilst you still can.

Check THIS PAGE out for details 

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