QUESTRA Summer Holiday Over Passive Earnings Continue

questra summer holiday overAwaiting New Management – all Assets On Hold Till Further Notice From November 7 2017

When Questra summer holiday was extended for a few weeks until the Bitcoin fork time frame settled – the usual howls of scam came from the uninformed.

The Questra summer holiday finished and the staff started up again last week on Monday.

Payments and financial packages are organised in the back office of AGAM

On Friday my wallet was updated with a nice percentage profit.

questra passive earnings

Passive Income With Questra Holdings Investment Business

If you are vaguely interested have a look at:

Is Questra A Real Company?

A Retired Corporate Investigator, who also invested over €100k, sent another Attorney-Investigator to Questra in Madrid to investigate.

Subject: Questra World IS real!

Date: August 18, 2017 at 2:57:34 PM PDT

Questra World is real.

Nice offices on third floor of modernized traditional Madrid office building near the Royal Palace.

Gorgeous secretary.

The principals were all out on vacation until the end of next week.

I asked for a business card; which she provided.

I asked if AGAM’S executive HQ was in Cape Verde.

She said yes, but the operations center was in this office in Madrid, and that it is a Spanish company.

I meet with a Snr. Director of Investments and signed an NDA.

He outlined how they trade, and how the profit is generated.

It was impressive.

The returns and trades are in various markets, and sectors.

I saw trade reports for equities, global stocks, and commodities.

I also saw income reports for merchant advances and business loans.

The last reports I saw listed hard assets which were not identified but listed and income and expense report that looked like a standard profit and loss document.

It was in the black.

He noted the trade reports for the crypto current was not available as it was being audited.

Last he noted and discussed the latest investment in the global banking.

We talking for some time about this, but he could only share surface information as the transaction is still in escrow.

Trading starts again tomorrow along with funding :)

..and of course – it has.

Look at:

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