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At the moment you will have a free account and be able to log in on the main page with the details you provided and a password.

You will not have an individual website link (members only), nor will you be able to purchase bullion and cryptocurrency mining until you have sent in your KYC.

This is to prove YOU are who you say you are.

It's standard procedure amongst legitimate businesses handling money to comply with anti-fraud and anti-money-laundering requirements.

1. Quick Help Video - Completing Your Account Set Up


When filling out the form - watch out for the European/USA syntax of address and dates

Ignore tick box for additional beneficial owner unless you want to do this
Ignore tick box for beneficial business addition unless you want to do this

These things can always be done later through support ticket.

1. Establishment of the Beneficial Owner's identity for Membership lD: xxxxxx

First Name 
Last Name 
Date of birth (watch the syntax)
Address (Watch the syntax)
Not all countries will see this part on their KYC form.
(*That's not a problem as you can upload a card authorisation any time - see later..)
Type of card, last 4 numbers on card and your name on the card you may want use in the very near future to buy gold or mining top up. (Under $500 total per transaction including any fees involved unless you are upgrading to GOLD affiliate).

- else..

If you are NOT going to use a card in the near future* then just put dummy info

last 4 as 1234
Your Name

*You can always come back later and add cards in your back office by doing an Add Card

 - Check the form over before you SAVE it  - it is emailed to you as a PDF - 
In two places on the form:

       Sign      City-Country (Print)     Date (watch the syntax - Month / Day / Year)

That's it!

Scan the signed and dated document - or may be an iPhone picture(s) may be good enough if readable

In Back Office:

My Subscriptions
My Documents

Upload all the completed, scanned form in the designated back office place

 - In the first area - add the upload position of your completed, scanned form

If you have done it in two images, pdfs or whatever - upload both ('add another document').

 - In the next area - add the upload position of the legible image of the front of your driving licence or equivalent.

  Click the final Upload /Save or whatever the button is called.

You will see the upload going on as a % completion as it pulls the documents from your machine.

Under Documents/Approval status it should change to say it has done the upload OK and being progressed

(This  part will eventually change to an approved done status down the line when all is good)

1. You should get an acknowledgment by email that the upload has been received and it may be 48 hours till review completed.

2. Another email will come to say all is good and KYC done.

*This is the form you will find under 'My Subscriptions' if it was not in your KYC form. 
You can have more than one card.

IF you are going to be involved with or have cryptocurrency mining as part of your package you will need a wallet for your mining return to go to.

Most people will start with Bitcoin and depending where in the world you are will dictate your choice of available Bitcoin wallets. Altcoin will require separate wallets, though a wallet like Exodus or Trezor may suffice to over your needs.

By the way - if you are a little vague about the whole Bitcoin mining side, there is a starter info page under Cryptocurrencies

2. Quick Help Video - Setting up a Bitcoin Wallet

I used/use Coinbase, Blockchain and Xapo when I started, but these are buy/sell/wallet exchanges and you don't hold your own private keys so they could in theory run off with your Bitcoin. 

You don't have to stay with the first wallet you open. There are MANY wallet providers around the world to cater for a country's requirement.

I have used some of the following and others have a good word about using wallets mentioned in video. Different countries allow different wallets so check first.

  Exodus     CoinBase   Xapo      Wirex             Hard Wallet  Trezor  

I am further down the road in this adventure and use a Trezor hard offline device for storing big amounts and Wirex suits me in the UK for general amounts with a working  ATM card in the pipeline.

You may eventually have to do your KYC for any wallet you open if there is a card issued - same international anti-money-laundering rules as applied to Swiss Gold Global.

Hints and Tips

Once you have chosen a wallet and gone through the quick form filling - You will end up with a public address number like (mine -don't use this one) :


You then put this number in the Bitcoin wallet section of your SGG back office under

My Crypto

Choose your wallet payout here:

(mining contracts) - select Bitcoin (sha256)
(wallet payout type) -- select Bitcoin (sha256)
(wallet) enter the long bitcoin public address you got from (Wirex)
(confirm wallet) enter same long address

Type the 5 or 6 digit number to the right of the security box -  INTO  the security box

TICK the little terms agreement box

Click on Update Wallet button

It will come back with a red warning message

If you are happy - click the button again to finish the job.

3. Free Customer Account Holders Can Earn 2.5% Referral Fee On Cryptocurrency Contracts!

Where to find your referral link...

That's it - if you just want to stay a Customer.

Most of the functions inside the website are intuitive, but there are some help videos on my YouTube playlist:


Become a Business Affiliate When You Are Ready..

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How To Upgrade 

 Bitcoin - No restriction, but monitor the mining fee amount compared to bankwire.

Credit Card - limited upto Gold affiliate upgrade, but monitor the fees compared to bankwire

Bank Wire - International maximums apply, but generally good for amounts over 500 dollars compared to cards.


How To Upgrade From Free to an Affiliate Account Using Bankwire

also here is some extra information:

Note 1: Transactions are in US DOLLARS.
Note 2: Add extra 30+ dollars to cover possible banking fees at recipient end.

You will have your bank fees PLUS recipient bank fees!

"We would like to inform you that an international bank wire usually costs between $15 -$30. For amounts that are over $500 it is more cost effective, because the credit card fee is 4%. So if you transfer $100 by bank wire you will pay $20, if you pay by credit card you will pay $4. If you transfer $1000 by bank wire you will pay $20, if you pay by credit card you will pay $40."

 Make sure to check you bank commissions for international transaction before you decide.

Any money not used will be credited to your e-Wallet

In order to place a bank wire, please follow the next steps:

  1. Select your order – select payment method: bank wire. You may or may not get an email with banking details so I have put the information below.
  2. Place a bank wire order to the approprite bank - details below
  3. It takes a few working bank days to arrive and you will get an email to comfirm the funds are now in your back office ewallet.

USD Account Dubai

Account Name: New Golden Life DMCC
Address: P.O. Box 340505. Dubai. UAE
Bank Name: RAS AL KHAIMAH (Rakbank)
Bank Address: Marina Diamond Branch, Dubai. United Arab Emirates
Acct (IBAN): AE56 0400 0003 4246 4471 003
Acct No: 0342464471003 / USD
Amount: xxx Upgrade position plus extra for Note2 above.
Please include the reference code, or your SGG Member ID

USD Account Worldwide

Account Name: Royal Golden Enterprise GmbH
Address: Seestrasse 112, 8806. Baech. Switzerland
Bank Name: Bank Zimmerberg
Bank Address: Dorfplatz 1, Postfach, 8810 Horgen. Switzerland
Acct (IBAN): CH77 0682 4650 0926 4509 1
Acct No:
Amount: xxx Upgrade position plus extra for Note2 above.
Please include the reference code, or your SGG Member ID

USD Account Nigeria, Ghana and Regional Countries

Account Name: Swiss Gold Global Enterprise Limited.
Address: Apapa. Lagos
Bank Address: 178 Awolowo Road, Ikoyi. Lagos. Nigeria.
Acct (NUBAN): 0240845088
Old Acct No: 208/791443/2/1/0 (Bank Use Only)
Amount: xxx Upgrade position plus extra for Note2 above.
Please include the reference code, or your SGG Member ID

 Looking forward to working with you.

Any questions email me, but do allow for world time differences.

Lots more information on opening an account, getting started, how to do things, webinars and general SGG business information on my Youtube channel

Risk Disclosure: All money alternatives or business opportunities shown in these videos/website have risks. If you know about these risks and still want to put in money, please only put in money you don’t have to live from or which you can lose without getting into financial trouble. Because every method in the shown alternatives or businesses could lose your money up to the full amount.

Additionally: All information about income rates / percentages or income forecasts are based on information of the past. That means that described income values have been reached in the past but cannot be guaranteed for same income values in future. Mentioned income values are only average values to get an overview about what can be earned by investing or working into these businesses.

Disclaimer: All information about presented companies or compensation plans etc. are taken from the official websites of respective companies. Additional information is taken from existing presentations and business partners who have got information from the corporate responsible or collaborators of the companies. Because of that it is not guaranteed that this information is true even if I try to give you the best service and all information about the businesses.

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