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swiss gold global cryptocurrencyNot So Much ‘Investor’ as Profit Speculator

Over the last 6 months I have put my gold acquisition with Swiss Gold Global into the background.

I have been studying, researching and getting involved in Bitcoin and other crypto-currency mining.

It seems that the days of having your own mining apparatus is now defunct for most crypto coins due to expense vs returns.

I began a search to see who was a key player and provider in the crypto-currency mining market.

Genesis Mining stood out from the crowd because it has been in the business for over 4 years with a proven customer service track record.

With a team of mining experts with extensive knowledge of the digital currency sector, Genesis Mining specializes in building the most efficient and reliable mining rigs that it also offers for rent to clients.

I felt happy buying a 5Th/s open ended Bitcoin contract with them plus an Ethereum contract – and these have been paying like clockwork into my Coinbase wallet I had set up.

(Coinbase is a convenient wallet for me, but I also have Xapo and Coincorner accounts plus a Trezor offline digital currency’safe’ ordered. For US, Bitpay seems to OK for many – as is an Exodus wallet.)

I also at that point I changed the Gold company I was with to Swiss Gold Global purely because of their market establishment (9 years), transparency and best gold at best prices.

Just about the time I joined Swiss Gold Global with a free account – they had already preempted the rise of crypto currency and had joined forces and become a strategic partner of world leader Genesis Mining.

Each company is dis-associated from each other in terms of ownership or shareholding.

It is a strategic partnership which allows members and customers of Swiss Gold Global to purchase their Crypto Currency Mining Contracts through their SGG back office and this has really taken off.

In my opinion, Swiss Gold Global + Genesis Mining are a perfect combination to provide the assets, capital and marketing I was looking for.

SGG members are great bunch of helpful people and the company is very transparent.

They are NOT providing an investment arrangement – that would be illegal.

Many, many people are quite happy to take advantage of the free customer account in order to do their personal business in gold, silver and crypto currency mining.

You can start buying gold and silver at $25 minimum each time into your precious metals account, and Bitcoin open ended contracts start at just $30 – just don’t expect big returns on this small amount.

Other top coins are available to mine on fixed term contracts.

We tend to keep to the developed protocols related to altcoin mining.

A few customers decide to upgrade so they can market and spread the word as an affiliate.

I have set-up a YouTube channel, which provides more education about the important and valuable aspects centered around these 2 companies and also about finance, financial freedom, wealth and asset accumulation.

Here are some Swiss Gold Global playlists available:

Swiss Gold Global Getting Started and Help Files

Swiss Gold Global Business Intro and Overview

Not every one wants to be an affiliate, but I personally bought the GOLD years membership, which includes the affiliate fee for one year and also get the hash power, gold and silver included – at $797:

– $600 Annual Affiliate fee.
– $150 in gold and silver.
– $75 worth of 500 GH in mining.
– Saving of $28
– Daily Referral income
– Other Privileges
– Premium Education Program

An independent mining calculator is also available to get an idea on earnings.

Note: It’s cheaper to buy 15 TH power and you can save yourself $300!

Let’s do the Math:

If you buy it individually in small contracts:

– $30 purchase will give you 0.2 TH.
– 0.2 TH x 75 contracts will give you 15 TH.

– $30 x 75 equals $2,250.

Buying a 15 TH contract purchase in one transaction will cost $1,950 (a saving of $300).

Understanding Possible Returns:

Daily payouts WILL fluctuate.

With the example above, it takes 253 days (36 weeks) to break even, but every pay out after this is 100% profit, if you do not compound.

Contracts are open ended and you will be notified if it becomes unprofitable, but as long as Bitcoin stays above $600, that’s not the case!

We are in profit!!

Here is another example to understand the Returns:
– 15 TH costs $1,950.
– Gross daily income of $12.27.
– Maintenance fee: $0.30 per TH.
– Maintenance fee of $0.30 x 15 = $4.50.
– Net pay $7.7 daily straight to your wallet.

On the basis of my recent payouts, you will earn more, but I’m sticking to the above formula.

Following Payment options are available:
– Bitcoin (1.7% fee)
– Bank wire (approx. $20 bank fee)
– Debit/Credit card (4% fee – max $500 per transaction at the moment)
– Payza (approx. 4% fee)

If you are new to Bitcoin, then I suggest using a Debit/Credit card because in this way you will be protected by a charge back protection.

You will also be moving depreciating paper money into opportunist digital currency.

If you are already familiar with Bitcoin and trust it, then use it instead.

KYC (Knowing Your Customer) is essential to be part of this business.

Simply register for your free account, print out the KYC form, sign and date it, scan it including a copy of your passport or driver’s license and follow the instructions listed on website to upload them for verification.

Register Today by Clicking HERE For Your Free Account 

Help Videos To Get Started and Q&A

If all you want is to get involved with crypto currency passively then a free account is all you need for now.
As always, please evaluate all the information on the site before making any decision.

This is all based on my own personal opinion and experience and should not be taken as financial advice.

However, I really hope to spread the word so many of us can benefit from this business type and opportunity and earn some Bitcoin and/or other crypto-currencies as long term asset.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to get in touch with me:



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